Chassahowitzka Safety, Criminal Activity, and Public Information

A number of Citrus County Sheriff’s department resources are available via the web.  Anyone can request special surveillance of their property during extended absences, check for current criminal activity, or report suspicious activity they have observed.  The main Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) web site is:  From there you can get to the other links below.

If you are going to be away from home for an extended period and wish to have extra attention given to your property by the regular Sheriff patrol that drives around Chassahowitzka, go to the Security Watch Request website ( and enter the needed information.  The regular patrol will keep a closer eye on your property.

Of particular interest to many may be the CrimeReports website where the county posts its reported crime events.  This is represented as a map with reported criminal activity shown as icons of different types that you can click to get further information on the type of criminal activity.  The link is:  From a past publication regarding this tool: “CrimeReports is a browser-based community policing application that empowers users to access crime data in their neighborhoods both quickly and easily.

CrimeReports is designed to provide residents with valuable insight into recent criminal activity neighborhood by neighborhood. The software program utilizes an advanced mapping engine to serve the public accurate and timely data in the form of maps and reports.

The actual crime data is routinely extracted from the agency’s own records management system, so the information being viewed through the web browser is always up to date.

County residentss can focus on and produce detailed reports of criminal activity near a specific address; by parks, schools and other landmarks; and within neighborhoods and other boundaries. Technology like this, the CCSO says, can be of significant value to the agency’s community outreach efforts, overall communications and staff productivity.

Users have a variety of options from which to choose, such as showing clusters of criminal activity, analyzing patterns within a specific radius of any location, determining the distance to any crime from their own address, using a satellite image that illustrates topography, plus producing detailed reports. This is what intelligence-led policing, in conjunction with a community-oriented policing philosophy, is all about.”

To report suspicious activity go to:


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